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In June 2019. Sikkha Asia Foundation had  a scholarship ceremony for the half of 2019 in the three provinces, Bangkok, Payao, Tak. On 8th June, we had a ceremony in Bangkok. 51 students were given scholarships. Mr.Motohisa Hida,the president of …

Thailand National Children’s Day always falls on the second Saturday in January. Unfortunately, many underprivileged children do not have the means to travel from their homes to enjoy special games and activities. Therefore, Sikkha Asia Foundation has made it our …

On 23 July, Ms. Arunee (Secretary of Sikkha Asia Foudation) and Ms. Nareerat are joined farewell party for Minister Date organized at Duang Prateep Foundation.  We are very much appreciated that Minister Izawa often participated in our organized event, and …

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