Mobile library at Mahachai District, Samut Sakhon prefecture

There are about 120 Mong-ethnic children, aged from kindergarten till primary six-grade, currently studying at the learning center in Samut Sakhon prefecture.  This learning center runs by the Wat kok templ.


Since this learning center has only two classrooms, the students always need to wait for the other class to finish.


New school is now under the construction, which is supported by both temple and the local university.  The schoolmaster said they have been waiting in expectation of new school, so it tends to be much easier for both children and also teachers to learn and teach at school.


Mahachai district is the area where considerable amount of Mong-ethnic people live over the years.  Since many Mong descent people live in this area, more and more migrant workers from Mon state in Myanmar are moving to this area.


The chief priest of Wat kok temple who manages the learning center is also Mong descent Thai, and he is collecting contributions for the learning center.


The school also has Mong descent Thai teachers, and they are teaching Thai to children.  .


There is a boy who is studying at this learning center.  He is 15 years old, and he is helping the kindergarten also belong to this learning center while he is learning Burmese.  He completed all subjects except Burmese class.  The boy said learning Burmese for him is quite difficult, he can read but don’t get meaning sometime.


This boy moved to Thailand with his family when he was 5 years old.  He now lives together with his parents and little sister.  His parents are working for shrimp factory.  In the future, whether he will continuously live in Thailand or move back to Myanmar is up to parents’ job, but the boy wants to keep staying in Thailand because there is no electricity back in Mon State in Myanmar.  People in Mon state cannot get sufficient supports from the government of Myanmar.  ‘They are like refugee’, the schoolmaster said, the migrant workers from Myanmar do not have enough access to food at their country so they move to Thailand for finding job.


The boy said he remember so clearly when mobile libraly of Sikkha Asia Fundation came to his school.  A stuff of Sikkha Asia Foudation read story of ‘first time shopping’ , and the story was so interesting and he still remember the story so clearly.


Mr. R said ‘Please come back again’.  At the Mahachai district today, facilitation of reading book activities are now helding at 24 schools in Mahachai, 11 learning center, and 13 public school where migrant children are learning together.


‘Come and see us again’ the boy said.  This term, we encourage children to read more books through mobile library activities with particular focus on 11 learning center and also 13 Thai public schools in Mahachai district.image[9] image image[1] image[2] image[3] image[4]