A scholarship ceremony

In June 2019. Sikkha Asia Foundation had  a scholarship ceremony for the half of 2019 in the three provinces, Bangkok, Payao, Tak.

  1. On 8th June, we had a ceremony in Bangkok. 51 students were given scholarships. Mr.Motohisa Hida,the president of Nikon Thailand, attended the ceremony as a main guest.
  2. On 15th June, we had a ceremony at Pong Rachadaphisek school in the province of Payao. 166 students from Pong Payao and 5 university students were given scholarships. Mr.Pritsadang Samakkhinit,the mayor of Pong, and Ms.Michiko Seki, the CSR of Nikon Japan,made speech to students and gave them scholarships,
  3. On 22th June, we had a ceremony at Maeuse school in Tak. 175 students from 8 schools in Thasongyang and 6 university students were given scholarships, Prateep Phothiem, the mayor of thasongyang and Ms.Masami suzuki, the CSR of Nikon Japan, made speech to students and gave them scholarships.

we appreciate that we had this great ceremony and thank all the people related to this, government officials, residents, supporters, parents.