Japan Sotoshu Relieved Committee (JSRC) was established to support Cambodian refugee in 1979. Later, Sotoshu Volunteer Association also known as Shanti Volunteer Association took over JSRC’s operation in December 1981 and set up an office in Bangkok. September 1991, the office turned into a local foundation and changed its name to Sikkha Asia Foundation (SAF). The NGO supports underprivileged children by giving educational opportunities.

‘Sikkha’ means ‘education’ in Sanskrit. Education helps Children to learn and broader their future possibilities. Children are the future of a nation and will play an important role in their communities. We work in favor of education supporting and carrying out many projects such as ‘community library project’, ‘mobile library project’, ‘scholarship project’, ‘nursery school project’, and ‘dormitory project’. Also, the foundation offers trainings for teachers and librarians, exchange program and emergency relief project.

Besides, the NGO provides jobs’ training for underprivileged women as well as traditional activities to protect minority cultures.

The organization works in the slum of Bangkok, rural areas, Myanmar boarder areas where minority ethnics and immigrant workers live as well as southern area where Indian Ocean earthquake occurred in 2004.

Board members of Sikkha Asia Foundation

Mr.Teerapol Sulinthaboon President
Mr.Tatsuya Hata Vice president, Finance & Administration Director
Ms.Jurupohn Sorajjakit Director
Ms.Teweerat Leelanuch Director
Mr.Tongcham  Saekao Director
Ms.Rungnapa Kam-ung Director
Ms.Nareerat Tangcharoenbamrungsuk Secretary General
Ms.Prateep Ungsongtham Hata Advisor Representative
Mr.Sukon Jongyu Advisor
Mr.Katsumasa Yagisawa Advisor